[NEWS] Sistar Hyorin’s Cool Reaction Towards Her Forehead Humiliation, “I’ll Put Up My Fringe Later”

*t/n: this article was not meant to make bada look bad, take note that this was all happening during a variety show :)

Bada humiliated Hyorin’s forehead.

Bada, Hyorin and T-ara’s Eunjung had a filming on 7 July for tvN ‘Saturday Night Live Korea2). This broadcast had an age requirement of 19 and above for viewing.

On this day’s boradcast, the corner ‘Single Lady’ was packed. ‘Single Lady’ had a fairy-based theme and there was an audition to select the “SES 2”(SES is a 1st generation popular K-pop girl group)

SES 1, Bada sat in as a judge. Sistar’s Hyorin went to the audition. Bada asked Hyorin what was her age, and she replied “22 years old”(Korean age). “Annoying, we’re the same age” she responded, which brought a lot of laughter on set. (Bada is 10 years older than Hyorin - in Korean age terms)

In particular, Bada said to Hyorin “I’m afraid of your forehead”. Previously, on the internet, it was a hot topic about Hyorin’s forehead. Hyorin responded coolly while laughing “I said it before, I’ll put up my fringe later”.

*did not translate the rest of the article because it was irrelevant.

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