[NEWS] Singer Cho Gwan Woo stabbed but no danger to life

Singer Cho Gwan Woo has reportedly been stabbed by someone he knows, causing him serious injuries, but luckily he’s in stable condition.

According to reports, Cho Gwan Woo was stabbed by someone he was working with at his own home at 1AM on July 15th in Ilsan. The acquaintance, “A”, had stabbed Cho in his neck area with a soju bottle.

Cho Gwan Woo’s representative revealed to Star News on July 16th, Cho Gwan Woo was hurt after the attack which came after an argument the singer and “A” were having. Cho Gwan Woo had to receive 100 stitches, but luckily there’s no imminent danger to his life. Representative added that “A” was incredibly intoxicated and committed this crime without premeditated intent.

Investigations are going on, and a request for an arrest warrant for “A” has been filed.

Source: KBS World