[NEWS] Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan picks 2NE1 as ‘The Second Shinhwa’ among today’s idols!

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan (33) is back on the big screen with horror/thriller movie, ‘Deranged’. Deranged tells the tale of an epidemic of mutant parasite worms that spreads across Korea. In the movie, Kim Dongwan plays the role of Jae-Pil, a detective and the younger brother of the main character Jae Hyuk (played by Kim Myung Min), a medical supplies salesman who tries to find the clues behind the mysterious infection.

Kim Dongwan previously starred in the dramas such as ‘Sad Goodbye’, 2007 SBS drama, “The person I Love”, 2011 MBC Drama Special, The Peak where he played the role Lee Youk, a poet and Korean independence activist died in prison at the age of 40, and more. Last year, Kim Dongwan also starred in the musical, “Hedwig”.

He was asked a series of questions and this was among one of them.

-If you had to pick ‘The Second Shinhwa’ among the idols of today.
Kim Dongwan: “For girl groups, 2NE1 and Sistar stand out the most in terms of ability. Among our male juniors, Teen Top is like the ‘Second Shinhwa’. Big Bang would be possible too, but their vibe is different from us….“

‘Deranged’ was released on July 5th.

Source: media.daum
Translated by:CLism00@CLTheBaddestFemale.com