[NEWS] Shinhwa’s Eric is one of T-ara’s ‘uncle fans’!

Comedian Jang Dong-hyuk (he’s the guy who’s been MCing a few eps of Shinhwa Broadcast, eg the Olympics Channel and the School Channel) has revealed that Shinhwa member Eric is a fan of girl group T-ara.

Jang Dong-hyuk was the MC for T-ara’s commemorative fanmeeting for the inauguration of their official fanclub QUEEN’S held on 14 July, where he said, “I uploaded a photo that I took with T-ara in the waiting room on my Facebook page and Eric left a message telling me to tell Jiyeon that he’s a fan of hers.”

To that, Jiyeon replied, “Uncle Eric, please show lots of love to T-ara, and keep watching out for and support our activities. Thank you.”

Jang Dong-hyuk then tried to prompt Jiyeon to say one of Eric’s famous lines from the drama ‘Phoenix’, “Eric-oppa, because of you my heart is burning”, but Jiyeon deflected the request and in a show of love for her fans, said that she had to get permission from QUEEN’S before she could do that.

Credits: Mydaily + Absolut Shinhwa