[NEWS] Shinhwa thanks Eric for being a good leader and CEO!

With their 10th album comeback coming to an end, Shinhwa members expressed their gratitude to their leader and Shinhwa Company CEO Eric.

At the press conference held on 6 July in Beijing, the members said, “It seems right to say a big thank you to Eric. We want to leave next year’s comeback in his good hands too. He fills the role of Shinhwa’s leader the best.”

As the producer for this album, Minwoo had the most number of clashes with Eric. “This round of activities gave me the opportunity to talk a lot to Eric. We didn’t have any serious arguments but there were some clashes of opinion when it came to the music style, direction and issues related to stage performances. At that time Eric told me ‘I fully understand your frustrations but looking at the overall picture I have to take a neutral stand and I don’t have a choice but to speak coldly’”

Dongwan added, “I think what Eric meant was that he was trying to speak more objectively to Minwoo. Just looking at the two of them from the sidelines, they really talked a lot about the music concept. After that I found out that though Eric put his views across very bluntly and objectively, Minwoo didn’t take it personally and they were able to produce a good album after a good discussion. I hope for next year too, Eric will be able to speak objectively without being led by his emotions.”

Minwoo said, “When juniors ask us ‘how can we become a long-running group like you’, we tell them that the members shouldn’t close their hearts to one another, to share their thoughts and solve problems with one another. For us, Eric’s role as our team leader has been instrumental in us being able to reach this point today. Even for the comeback this time, Eric has put in the most effort. I think the team leader’s role is the most important. We’ll leave next year’s comeback in your good hands, Eric ah.”

Shinhwa commenced their comeback activities after 4 years on 5 March with their comeback press conference, following up with the release of their 10th album, their comeback concert in Seoul, an Asia tour and TV appearances including their regular show on jTBC, ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’.

In particular, their Asia tour has covered 5 countries, where they performed to an estimated total of 91,000 fans over 8 cities and 10 performances, a clear indication that Shinhwa is still going on strong as ever.

Source: mydaily
Translation: absolutshinhwa