[NEWS] Sandeul, "Social life during my young age..."

Member of B1A4, Sandeul talked about the difficulties of social life.

On 24th afternoon 2pm during the press conference of KBS Joy real baby care variety 'B1A4's Hello Baby' held at Hotel Novotel Seoul Ambassador Gangnam, he confessed the difficulties he faced in social life during his tender age and revealed his ambition on his infant care methods.

During this conference when discussing about the efforts for infant care, Sandeul said 'Personally, I searched about it online and I'm trying my best for the babies. I wish Hyunwoo and Eunsol grow up to be smart children later in the society'.

He also included, 'Since I entered the society at my tender age, I have experienced lots of things. Therefore I wish they become smart.'

Sandeul also talked about his own infant care know-hows. 'I'm confident in playing and communicating because I've looked after cousins who were 5~6 years old. However, I'm trying my best to get more information online because I don't have much infant care common sense.'

Sandeul also revealed his confidence,'There should be something to trigger the children's interest. I'm looking forward because if you always have dolls and toys to hand over and play with the children, they will open their minds at some point'

Meanwhile, 'B1A4's Hello Baby' featuring country-dol B1A4 and children who are also from the country that captures their noisy Seoul conquer broadcasts on the coming 25th.

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