[NEWS] "Power vocal vs cutie rapper," T-ara's new members make their debut on Japanese stage!

T-ara's first Japanese tour. For the finale on the 25th and 26th, T-ara performed the prestigious Budokan concert arena. On top of that, T-ara's new members Areum and Dani made their debut on the Japanese stage, where they showcased their personalities.

Areum (18) possesses the vocal skills of a lead vocalist. At the show, she gave a live performance of the popular American song "Price Tag". "Price Tag" features an intense rhythm with a mix of hip-hop style and from the beginning of the end, Areum successfully showed off her powerful vocals and showed off a cool powerful side of her.

In addition to her vocal talent, she showed off her dancing skills. Areum wore a black mini-dress with back-up dancers surrounding her. She performed intense choreography to fit the powerful song.

The other T-ara member also recognized Areum's talent. Eunjung said, "When you watch Areum on stage, you think she is well-equipped with her talents in singing and dancing. She has a lot to learn since she joined T-ara late, but she's doing well so far and learning our old songs at a very fast rate. It seems that in the future together with Areum on stage it'll be good."

Areum addressed the journalists at the press conference on the 26th and said, "It was my first concert on stage and it was burdensome that for the first, it was held in such a large venue. Fortunately, each of the T-ara members gave me tips and encouraged me so I'm thankful. I'll show a better image in the future."

On the other hand, T-ara's new maknae Dani (14) showed off her unique rapping skills. In the middle of the concert, the T-ara members called Dani to stage. Dani grew up in the United States since she was four and thus is proficient in English. Dani gave a smooth English introduction followed by an awkward introduction in Japanese and then a short rap in English.

Dani's rap was full of personality. T-ara's existing rappers Hyomin, Eunjung and Hwayoung all have their own style of rapping, and Dani brings a new style to the table. Dani's rapping is different from the strong/intense raps of the other members with her high voice and "cutie" style. She appeared on stage with a white t-shirt and jeans which showcased her innocence. Originally introduced as a cute girl, Dani transformed into an intense cutie rapper.

Soyeon said, "Dani is such a young age, so we thought she would be best fitted for a cute concept.. but rather than cute, she says she wants to try a chic and sexy concept in the future." She praised her and said, "As T-ara expands in various activities, she's likely going to become the principal member."

T-ara's new members were introduced to Japanese fans today and had two opposite charms. One is distinctly a vocalist and the other is a rapper and each will build their own position in the group over time.

Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120727n09073
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem