[NEWS] Original stage names of idols revealed

The original stage names of some of today’s top stars have been revealed and currently attracting much attention among netizens.

Recently on an online community board, a list with the title, “Idols’ original stage names” was posted giving the list of idol groups and their unique or rather hilarious stage names.

Included in the list is Super Junior, with Leeteuk originally planned to debut as ‘Kang Soo’, a name similar to his real name. Shindong could have become ‘Udon’ while Kangin as ‘Woongdam’ and Kyuhyun as ‘Gweehyun’.

TVXQ considered to be named ‘Oh Jang Yook Boo’ which means ‘internal organs’ while Big Bang almost debut as ‘Diamond’. Within Big Bang, T.O.P was originally going to be named ‘Mark’, Daesung as ‘Big Castle’, Seungri as ‘Sonic’ and Taeyang ‘Taekwon’.

Wonder Girls almost named ‘LC’ short for ‘Ladies Club’ while the members could have unusual names as Sohee as ‘IC’, Yenny as ‘Silver’, Sunmi as ‘Berry’ and former member HyunA as ‘Mint’.

Source: Nate