[NEWS] Nichkhun’s brother apologizes for his previous tweet

2PM Nichkhun’s brother, Nichan, has apologized for their behavior on previous supportive tweet for Nichkhun.

On July 26th, Nichan tweeted a supportive message for Nichkhun who is currently being swept up in controversy with his DUI accident. In the included photo, Nichkhun’s siblings are giving goofy expressions which received strong criticisms from netizens, claiming it was insensitive to the serious situation.

To this, Nichan deleted the previous tweet and posted a message of apology saying, “I apologize to the injured person, his family, and the Korean people for my recent tweet. I only wanted to cheer up my brother because he was so deeply in pain and despair but I should have been more thoughtful and cautious about people who are related to this accident. I’m so sorry.”