[NEWS] Nam Gyuri’s cute drunken act for ‘A Killer Barber’

Songstress Nam Gyuri returned with the KBS2 one-act special drama, ‘A Killer Barber’ for the first time in a year.

Nam Gyuri acted out the unfortunate woman with a story and showed cheerfulness as well as pain. In the scene where she eats food she made with Woojin and his friends, she captured the audience with her realistic yet adorable acting.

She spoke about why she married Myeong Chul after having a few drinks at dinner time. She claimed she wanted to die a day earlier to get out of this misery.

Netizens claim it was good seeing her on TV and that she did a good job.

‘A Killer Barber’ is about Hwang Mija (Nam Gyuri) asking killer Woojin (Park Seong Woong) to kill her loan shark husband Myeong Chul (Lee Cheol Min). The cast includes Nam Gyuri, Jo Dal Hwan, Park Seung Kyung and others and is produced by Lee Jung-seob .

Meanwhile, Nam Gyuri has been cast as Yoon Sena in the new KBS 2 drama ‘Haeundae Lovers’.

Source: hancinema