[NEWS] Music Bank in Hong Kong, BEAST’s “Paradise” Received Explosive Reactions!

Group BEAST have been boiling the night of Hong Kong.

During the broadcast of KBS2′s Music Bank in Hong Kong on the 6th, Beast has performed Shock, Beautiful, Korean drama ’s OST “Paradise.

That dat, BEAST wore contrasting black and white costumers, it was feel with charms, firing up the passion of Hong Kong fans, “Shock” was a powerful song, filled with energy, “Beautiful” is rather a cute and fresh song. Through these 2 songs of different styles, BEAST showed different charms on the stage.

Especially on that day too, BEAST sang for KBS2′s drama ‘s OST “Paradise”, showing a totally different charm.

Music Bank in Hong Kong special episode was held last month at Hong Kong Asia Exhibition Center (Name may differ). On that day, other than BEAST, MBLAQ, f(x), Infinite, CNBlue, Wonder Girls, TVXQ and other stars attended too.

credits : E Today, 
kor – chi trans by 100度BEAST吧, 
chi – eng trans by MrsDooB2uty@loveindacube.wordpress.com