[NEWS] miss A’s Suzy slaps CROSS GENE’s Shin Won Ho before becoming friends?

Actor and CROSS GENE’s member Shin Won Ho guest starred on the July 17th broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘1 vs. 100’ and revealed how he was able to get close to miss A’s Suzy.

Shin Won Ho, who is starring on KBS ‘Big’ alongside Suzy, stated, “I’ve never really had many opportunities to act in the same scene with Gong Yoo since he changes souls with me. But I do get to act with Suzy and Lee Min Jung.”

“I said hello to Suzy formally, but she said she felt a little uncomfortable,” he continued. “But I told her that I will greet her formally anyways since she is a sunbae.”

Shin Won Ho shared about a scene where Suzy had to slap him, but she kept slapping softly because she felt bad. “After 6 times of slapping me, I finally said to her in informal speech, ‘just hit me hard once’. After that we got really close,” he said.

Source: Nate