[NEWS] Lee Min Ho kidnaps Kim Hee Sun on ‘Faith’

Lee Min Ho meets Kim Hee Sun for the first time in an unusual way on SBS TV’s new drama series ‘Faith’.

Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) traveled to modern times to bring back a doctor with him to the Goryeo Dynasty. Upon being told Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a doctor, Choi just throws her over his shoulders and kidnaps her back to his time.

Lee Min Ho had to carry Kim Hee Sun over his shoulder several times when shooting the scene. He rehearsed it many times in various angles and completed the scene without any sign of tiredness. He was worried that Kim Hee Sun would get hurt from his thick warrior’s uniform and the actress felt sorry to Lee Min Ho because he had to carry her over his shoulder so often.

‘Faith’ is about a time travel love story between a king’s warrior living in the Goryeo dynasty and a plastic surgeon in modern times.

Source: TV Report