[NEWS] Lee Jonghyun’s growing confidence in acting thanks to AGD’s “middle-aged-flower-men quartet”!

Junior actor Lee Jonghyun from SBS weekend drama special “A Gentleman’s Dignity” has been receiving lots of love from his seniors.

In “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, member of idol band group CNBLUE, Lee Jonghyun, acted as “Colin”, the son of the so-called “middle-aged-flower-men quartet” (Jang Donggun, Kim Sooro, Kim Minjong, Lee Jonghyuk) first love. Lee Jonghyun has emerged as the drama’s dark horse with his acting.
Lee Jonghyun said, “I’ve been receiving a lot of love from the senior actors in the drama. In order to give back all their love, I promise to work even harder.”

He then added, “Senior Jang Donggun has the perfect look and his accent is also so nice. Nowadays people tend to say “~haneun geollo”, Jang Donggun’s original version, when he said it, is almost like an art. He’s always giving me warm support, helping with with the overall analysis of the acting.”

Continue on, Lee Jonghyun said, “Senior Kim Sooro is like the master of reaction. He also gives me a lot of tip for ad-lib, listening to me one step at a time, so I’m really thankful to him too.”

Moving on, he said, ” When you see Senior Kim Minjong on camera it’s like purifying your eyes. I’m impressed that he always comes to me and gives a lot of advice. He’s also very considerate and when I’m near him his aura is really felt.”

Lastly Lee Jonghyun commented, “Senior Lee Jonghyuk has a nice tone of voice. He’s also very particular with the accent, pitch and nuances when he speak, that’s why he always monitors his acting. Seeing him as such a detailed actor makes me want to be like him too.”
FNC Entertainment also added,”Jonghyun is receving a lot of love from his seniors. Nowadays, the first thing he’d do when he opens his eyes is to reach for the script and almost never let go of it. That’s how much he loves being in the drama.”

Source: Sports Chosun
Rough translation by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm