[NEWS] Korean idol group EXO-M appeared in Nanjing

The first Chinese group EXO-M which a Korean company produced entered Chinese fans’ vision since 2011 & rose to fame rapidly. Yesterday, EXO-M recorded for a prime time show “Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban” of Jiangsu variety channel. Many female fans waited for them at the recording venue. Many people even bought tickets which prices were skyrocketed to witness the idols. Their ideal girls were revealed for the first time at “beauties’ group” session, making fans excited.

EXO-M consisting of Kim Minseok, Luhan, Wu Yi Fan, Zhang Yi Xing, Kim Jong Dae & Huang Zi Tao is a Chinese-Korean mixed group with mainly Chinese members. They officially entered the Chinese market in 2011, and attracted many Chinese fans since their first appearance. Their popularity is comparable to SJ.from the same company. During their first visit to Nanjing, the 6 handsome guys were chased by fans everywhere. Reporters from yangtse evening newspaper found out that the prices of standing tickets for the show were skyrocketed to 2000RMB on the internet.

This time, the producers of Fei Chang Bu Yi Ban prepared every session whole-heartedly. During the first session, the show invited 4 guests who claimed that they were related to idol groups. Among them, there were a choreographer for an idol group in Nanjing and a security personnel for an idol group. This was to test EXO-M’s judgment. There was also a man-head horse group comprised of 6 people. Although the name of the group gave a cottage-like feel, every member had individual talents. They could sing & dance, hit high notes, and there was also a little monk who was good at martial arts. 6 members of EXO-M had to choose 1 person among them for a battle.

Wu Yi Fan who is good at rapping lived in Canada since young, his rapping skills are outstanding. He liked to take on challenges therefore he chose Nanjing “Drink Wanton”.
Huang Zi Tao who is good at wushu challenged a cute little monk from Shaolin.
The love lives of these 6 guys are what everyone pays attention to. Everyone wants to know what type of girls they are attracted to. The show prepared a “beauties’ group” session for the fans. Little beauties went on stage and showed their talents to capture the idols’ hearts.

source: yangtse.com
Trans by Nicole_0514 @ SMent_EXO