[NEWS] Kim Ji Seok exposed tanned and muscular arms!

Actor Kim Ji-seok-I from the tvN drama "I Need Romance 2012" exposed his tanned and muscular arms.

A well-off CEO and romantic guy Sin Ji-hoon in this drama, Kim Ji-seok-I seems much more muscular and manly in the picture revealed on the 12th. His firm and tanned-looking arms are full of muscles.

His romantic love scenes are also melting the hearts of those women who are watching and especially in the seventh episode when he revealed that his woman of fate was Jeong Yoo-mi (Joo Yeol-mae) and kissed her with manner.

Kim Ji-seok-I comforts Jeong Yoo-mi who is going through a hard time because of her ex-lover Yoon Seok-hyeon (Lee Jin-wook). He confesses hs feelings for her and tells her to come to him when he is clear that Lee and her are over and kisses her with manners. He also makes sure she has an umbrella on a rainy day and shower her with affection.

"I Need Romance 2012" is about the work, love and friendship of three women of the same age. It is a 16-part comedy drama. The casts are made up of Lee Jin-wook, Jeong Yoo-mi, Kim Ji-seok-I, Kim Ji-woo, Kang Ye-sol and more. It expresses the romance between a man and a woman most realistically and talks about sex openly through women's gossip. Every Wednesday and Thursday night at 11PM on tvN.

Cr : TV Report
Source : Hancinema