[NEWS] Kim Hyun Joong, the next Lee Byung Hun on ‘City Conquest’?

Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong is currently filming the drama ‘City Conquest’ in Japan. The fancy action, intense bike chase and car blow-up’s are done by the special effects team from the drama ‘IRIS’. These scenes have been planned and calculated days before the actual taking to prevent accidents.

According to the reports, Kim Hyun Joong jumped onto a bike the moment he saw one on the set and drove it around without difficulty.

However, as the shooting started, the set was filled with tense and silence. The director Yang Yoon Ho shouted, “Action!” and the shooting started with monstrous roar from the motorcycles.

The professional crew members, who were in charge of special effects in ‘IRIS’, exploded two cars. With a huge blast and flames, pieces of shrapnel flew everywhere, realistically creating the thrilling car explosion scene.

Apparently, ‘City Conquest’ is being dramatized so the security is tight. The cars and the bikes are just the beginning.

‘City Conquest’ is produced by Yang Yoon Ho from ‘IRIS’ and is being expected as the second ‘IRIS’. The background is going to take place in America, China, Singapore, Myanmar, the Switzerland and more.

Source: hancinema