[NEWS] KARA wins a lawsuit against an advertisement company

KARA won the lawsuit against an advertisement company.

Eastern Seoul 11th civil case division went through a lawsuit when a clothing company sued Kara's entertainment company DSP media for the damage made due to KARA’s separation issues on July 5th.

The court favored with KARA’s side saying that “Because celebrities had conflicts with their company and contracts, it doesn’t confirm that it affected the celebrity’s image” and “It is hard to judge that the clothing company and its reputation was harmed because of KARA.”

Before, clothing company brand ASK had a modeling contract with KARA last year from Feburary to July, which was worth 2 million dollars. But after a while, member Han Seungyeon as well as 4 others claimed they wanted issues with their entertainment company resolved and told the clothing company they wanted to end the contract.

With that news, the clothing company sued DSP media, saying that they lost about 4 million dollars that included filming fees.

Source: Nate
Translation: sysbittersweet @ karaholic