[NEWS] Kang Ho-dong comes back at the call of producer Na?

The current status of entertainer Kang Ho-dong who is on temporary leave, has been revealed.

It seems that Kang Ho-dong has been attending meetings with comedian Lee Kyeong-gyoo and producer Na Yeong-seok from the TV program "1 Night and 2 Days".

Many ask if Kang is coming back but a spokesperson said that its just a friendly gathering.

Netizens say, "Those who have done drugs and hit-and-run's come back but when will we see Kang Ho-dong again?", "I think they will talk about it though", "When can we see him on TV?", "He won't even be able to meet close friends because of speculations" and more.

Meanwhile, Kang Ho-dong declared resignation when issues about his tax payments got heated last year in September. He was found not guilty but he hasn't decided to come back yet.

Cr : Eto
Source : Hancinema