[NEWS] JYP confesses Go So Young inspired Wonder Girls’ “So Hot”

Singer and hit producer Park Jin Young revealed his muse for the hit song sung by the Wonder Girls, “So Hot”.

On the July 23rd episode of “Good Morning”, a clip from a past broadcasting was shown, revealing Park Jin Young’s inspiration for the song “So Hot”. It was right after he was captivated by his meeting with actress Go So Young.

He said, “I met Go So Young for the first time and thought she was so pretty. I think she’s one of the top two prettiest actresses in Korea.”

Netizens commented on the airing saying, “No surprise, Go So Young”, “Park Jin Young seems to write songs based on beauties”, “That song had that kind of a background story?”, “Park Jin Young’s song inspiration stories are interesting. Like how he wrote ‘Another Love Gone’, after he heard Lee Hyori tell a real-life story”.

Source: KBS World