[NEWS] Jung sisters amaze with their exceptional beauty

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and her younger sister f(x)’s Krystal are the representative of beautiful-looking sisters in the Korean world of entertainment. Jessica’s Korean name is Jung SooYeon while Krystal’s is Jung SooJung and they are both known as the ‘Jung Sisters’ in the entertainment industry.

Being in the same agency but different groups, Jessica and Krystal receive lots of love from fans particularly for their exceptional beauty and talents. Besides that, the sisters have very unique sense of fashion, which garners a lot of attention among female fans. Everything about the Jung sisters, whose beauty are not bound by time and place, is being examined closely.

1. The resemblance of Jung sisters
At the start of her debut, in the eyes of many, Krystal seemed to resemble Yuri more than Jessica. However, if we examine closely, the sisters share many similar features. Their eyes may be different but the profile of their nose and lips tells us that they are indeed sisters. Also, the shape of their faces are also similar to each other.

Recently, Jessica and Krystal were involved in the photoshoot of the fashion magazine, Marie Claire. Dressed in the same outfits with the same hair styles, the two sisters look very much alike. With no bangs on their oval-shaped faces and styled long hair, as well as slim figures, the sisters would shine in any dress.

2. They even have similar body figures
The Jung sisters are known for their feminine ‘S’ curves. Similarly, with their slender legs, the sisters look stunning in skinny jeans. Also, we have also seen how well they have matched black skinny jeans and colored pants stylishly. Particularly, Jessica who is known for her fashionable airport attires, has attracted attention with her neat appearance as she appeared at an airport wearing a pair of oxford shoes to match her blue-colored pants.

In addition to that, the Jung sisters who have both appeared in baseball stadiums to make the opening pitches also wore matching skinny jeans and sport shoes, giving out the ‘sporty’ feel about them. However, wearing the sneakers, Krystal gave out and emphasized a somewhat casual feel but Jessica’s pink-colored sport shoes added more cuteness to her appearance instead.

Jung sisters’ unmissable feminine beauty is being highlighted whenever they put on dresses. At the 2012 Mnet ’20′s Choice’ Blue Carpet, Krystal was seen in a white mini-dress that flaunted her beautiful slim figure, much to the desire of every women. On the other hand, at the launching party of a certain brand, Jessica boasted both her feminine and sexy look at the same time with her see-through blouse and white skirt. Particularly, the see-through blouse has a crop top design, exposing part of her abs.

Source: moneytoday.co.kr
Translation: fanwonder.com