[NEWS] Jung Ilhoon of BTOB Remarks " Constitution Day!... What is The Exact Meaning?"

Jung Ilhoon of BTOB catches fans's attention with his remarks on Constitution Day celebration.

Jung Ilhoon posted on July 17 on BTOB official twitter account " Tweet..tweet.. in a long time.. ^^ This is Ilhoon. Today is the Constitution Day for our country! The government of Korea is first established on 1948,and today is the Constitution Day!Let us see if we can remember oue own law of the country!^^ ♥" along with a photo of him.

Ilhoon can be seen wearing a stripes shirt,a backpack, and smiling brightly to the camera. His appearance as the school boy gives a new fresh charm,unlike his usual charismatic self as the rapper on the stage.

Meanwhile, BTOB has debuted under CUBE Entertainment,along with their 4 Minute and BEAST senior,during last March with their debut song,Insane (Secret).

Source : The STAR via Nate
Translator: AzianHana @CBZ