[NEWS] Ji Hyun Woo sheds tears at his final fan meet before his enlistment

Actor Ji Hyun Woo just couldn't hold back his tears at his last fan meeting before his enlistment.

On July 22nd, Ji Hyun Woo had his final fan meeting prior to the start of his military service, and met up with approximately 500 fans. During the fan meeting, the actor ended up showing tears as he was so deeply touched by the fans’ endless love for him.

Ji Hyun Woo shared, “I wanted to go quietly, but things unexpectedly got blown up out of all proportions without my intention. This feels the same as when I did my last radio broadcast. My injured back has also gotten much better. I’ll safely return.”

When asked what he would like to do during his first leave from the military, he shyly answered, “I want to go on a date with Yoo In Na. Ladies, be good to your man. I ask you to be understanding.”

Ji Hyun Woo also presented a special performance for the fans, and Ji Hyun Woo’s older brother also came up on the stage and asked the fans to keep their love and support for Ji Hyun Woo.

Ji Hyun Woo will be leaving for his mandatory military service on August 7th at the 102 reserve army unit in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do.

Source: StarN News