[NEWS] IU sent a handwritten letter to Two Months’ Do Dae Yoon

It has been belatedly revealed that IU has sent a handwritten letter and present to Two Months’ Do Dae Yoon.

An online community posted a picture of IU’s handwritten letter to fellow singer and drew a lot of attention as it showed the close relationship between the two.

IU wrote, “Dae Yoon, thank you for coming all the way to Jeonju. I really appreciate it. You should capture everyone with your wonderful performance. Do you like Spider Man? If you don’t, I’m sorry. This is a wallet for you, but please use it even if you don’t like it. Thank you for today.”

IU recently held her nationwide concert tour. Two Month’s Do Dae Yoon and fellow member Kim Yerim were invited as a special guest on IU’s concert in Jeonju.

Netizens commented, “IU and Do Dae Yoon knew each other?” “The Spider Man wallet sounds cute” and “I want to see the two stars performing together.”

Source: Star News