[NEWS] IU and B2ST’s Lee Gikwang record for “Sammy’s Adventure 2”

As previously reported, idol stars IU and B2ST’s Lee Gikwang got casted to become voice actress/actor for animated movie, “Sammy’s Adventure 2”.

On July 11th, the movie distribution company CJ E&M released photos of IU, Lee Kikwang and comedian Kim Won Hyo in the recording booth as they recorded their lines for the movie.

During the recording, IU surprised everyone by perfectly portraying the cute character Ella while GiKwang also expressed his excitement about the dubbing as he thought his character Ricky was a lot like him.

GiKwang commented, “I think this animated movie can be enjoyed by all family members during the summer. I hope many people watch it.”

“Sammy’s Adventure 2” will be about Ella and Ricky going to an aquarium in Dubai to rescue their grandfather, Sammy and Ray, after getting captured by a poacher. It will premiere this August.

Source: Star News