[NEWS] Is MYNAME better than your faves? Maybe, says MTV Diary ratings!

Group MYNAME (Seyong, Insoo, JunQ, Chaejin Gunwoo) have risen as the new powers of reality programs.

MYNAME’s agency revealed on the 17th that the SBS MTV reality program ‘Diary’ recorded the highest viewership ratings among all cable shows broadcasted in the same time frame.

According to AB Nielson, the 15th episode of MTV Diary broadcasted on July 16th recorded a 2.235% rating, making it the most watched cable program in that time frame as well as the most watched program featuring idols.

An agency representative explained, “MYNAME showed their real daily lives living together and did not hesitate to destroy their image through this reality program, which is different from the image they show on other broadcasts. The program garnered a lot of interest as it helps to clear the fans’ curiosity of the members’ daily life and it also shows scenes of their personal lives.”

Meanwhile, you can watch MYNAME’s daily lives on SBS MTV ‘Diary’ every Monday to Friday at 4pm.

Source: SportsSeoul.com via Naver
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