[NEWS] INFINITE,SUPERNOVA,BOYFRIEND,NU'EST and BTOB to perform On Tokyo Dome Stage For "K-Dream Live Volume 1" Concert!

Popular idol groups in Korea arises in Japan by performing on the stage of Tokyo Dome.

In an article released on July 4th, the "K-Dream Live Volume 1" will be held on July 27th at Tokyo Dome in Japan.

The popular idol groups in Korea like INFINITE,SUPERNOVA,BOYFRIEND,NU'EST and BTOB will be performing at the concert.

Tokyo Dome is the dream stage for Japanese celebrities,since it is a very large venue which can hold up to 55,000 people.

For groups such as Boyfriend, NU'EST and BTOB, this will be their first time performing on this stage. The power of Kpop can be seen through this as the opportunity is given to the rookie groups from Korea to perform on this prestigious stage.

NU'EST who debuted on last March is chosen on an international side as '2012 Best Rookies" and is gaining extraordinary attention from the local fans.

An official stated, "NU'EST is popular in Korea,and although they have not debuted in Japan, they are still very popular here" and "This stage will most likely be the stepping stone for these idols to be known by the fans all around the world."

Source: Nate
Translation: AzianHana @CBZ