[NEWS] INFINITE to hold “That Year’s Summer” concert

Idol group INFINITE, who captured fans through their infinite amounts of energy, fierce performance and live singing through their first concert, ‘SECOND INVASION’ in February and their encore concert ‘SECOND INVASION [EVOLUTION]’ in April, will be meeting their fans once again with another concert this summer.

INFINITE has announced that they’ll be holding their new concert, “INFINITE CONCERT, That Year’s Summer”. Expected to bring 10,000 fans, the concert will run for a total of five days starting August 8th to August 12th seating 2,000 fans each show at AX-KOREA.

With “INFINITE CONCERT, That Year’s Summer”, fans would be able to meet the [real INFINITE], their [real lives], as the boys aim to shorten the gap between them and their fans. The group also plans to do covers of their own songs, including its dance tracks, in special unplugged versions to help fans relive past summer memories.

Credits: hyejin @ infinite updates