[NEWS] Han Ji Min spotted filming for ‘Running Man’

Actress Han Ji Min made a variety show appearance through ‘Running Man’.

On July 22, online community posted some photos of Han Ji Min’s participation in the variety show with the title, “Han Ji Min appeared on Running Man.”

The pictures showed Han Ji Min standing next to HaHa. The two stars are seen in their comfortable clothing while the other photo showed Han Jin Min wearing a name tag on her back.

Han Ji Min took part in the filming of SBS ‘Running Man’ in Jeju Island from July 22nd through the 23rd. The actress was the only guest for the episode.

Netizens commented, “I can’t wait to see her interaction with the cast members”, “It would’ve been better if she guested on this episode with Yoochun”, “‘Running Man’ has the best guests!” and more.

Source: TV Report