[NEWS] Guitar prodigy Sungha Jung meets 2NE1

Dara inform through her me2day account that 2NE1 met guitar prodigy Sungha Jung.

Last notice~!!! 2NE1! Met with guitar prodigy Sungha Jung!!! Last year, when I saw his Lonely guitar video, it was already crazy(good)~ but to see it live!!! It was even better seeing it live!ㅠ.ㅠ Touched~ What else are we going to show you this time around…!?! Sungha Jung + 2NE1.. will be released soon^___^ Please anticipate it!

TAGS: Please note that I did not play the guitar.. I’ll work ’90 000 000 000 010 000′ times harder keke

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by nyldeabcd@YGLadies.com

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