[NEWS] Girls’ Generation’s phone numbers being sold online

According to a recent broadcast of “One Night of TV Entertainment” on July 25th, there’s reportedly a source selling some of the top stars' personal phone numbers. The show’s production team was able to narrow in on this situation, where these phone numbers are being circulated over the web. Depending on the stars’ popularity, the cost for their personal digits will range from 5,000 won to 10,000 won.

When a rep of this source was asked whether they had the numbers of Girls Generation, the rep answered, “We have them all. It's 5,000 won for each member. If you buy a lot [of numbers], we’ll give you discount or even throw in a few [other numbers] for free.”

He continued, “If you buy the numbers of all the Girls Generation members, we’ll even give you 2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung’s numbers for free.”

When asked how they got a hold of these numbers, he responded, “We have a few connections in broadcasting stations that sold them to us, or we got them from ‘sa-saeng fan’ internet cafe postings.” “Sa-saeng” refers to the stalker type of fans that make it difficult for
celebrities to live out their lives in a safe, private, and even human manner.

For the record, this kind of behavior or business activities can result in up to five years in prison with a 50 million won fine. Even if the celebrities affected don’t take legal measures against such business operators, such activities can still be investigated by judicial authorities.

Source: KBS World