[NEWS] Girls’ Generation voted as female idols with best bare faces

Girls’ Generation has been chosen by the staff and managers in showbiz as the female idols with best bare faces.
On July 10th, Show Champion revealed their survey on “Which female idol has the best bare face?” For a month, more than 100 managers, VJs, stage staff, audio staff and other staff were asked.

On the show, it was revealed Girls’ Generation placed first in the survey with staff giving comments such as “Girls’ Generation shines brighter on stage”, “Best beauty”, etc.

Meanwhile, other female idols who were also ranked in the survey includes AfterSchool, HelloVenus and f(x). The male idols with the best bare faces will be revealed on the July 17th episode of Show Champion.

On the other hand, Super Junior, After School, BaekChungGang, Hello Venus, Bohemian, Rhythm Power, F.I.X, Cross Gene, 2Bic, and RosyPP performed on Show Champion aired on July 10th.

Source: Newsen.com
Translation: fanwonder.com