[NEWS] Fashion Spotlight: Infinite’s Sungjong!

Usually when people think of an fashionistas in K-pop, they’ll think of Big Bang’s G-Dragon or SNSD’s Jessica. Without a doubt, these two idols have great style — some may disagree about G-Dragon — but they’re not the only idols that manage to look effortlessly fabulous 24/7. Sungjong’s casual, classy, vaguely feminine style has often made him stand out among his band mates when it comes to fashion. Sungjong generally combines simple cuts, colors, and patterns to off-set his style. Rather than enhancing his look with accessories, Sungjong lets his clothing stand out by wearing one striking piece, like a brightly colored shirt. Fit is also important — skinny jeans or Bermuda shorts and loose-fitting shirts are the norm for Sungjong.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about Sungjong’s style is how often he wears pink. He frequently wears black as well but salmon-pink appears to be one of his favorite colors, him having more multiple pieces of clothing in that shade. Above, on the left-hand corner, we see Sungjong in one of his prim button-up shirts — he frequently wears dress shirts — this one with a sketchy pocket and matching collar. The brightness of the shirt is further enhanced by Sungjong’s pale blue shorts. In the center picture, Sungjong wears a much less colorful outfit, instead opting for a sheer leopard-printed cardigan, ombre skinny jeans, and a black tank top. His earth-colored shoes don’t entirely match but add an interesting contrast to the otherwise dark outfit. In the final picture, Sungjong looks like a young urban professional in his grey slacks, blue shirt, and pale pink blazer. The cuteness of the color scheme is contradicted by the masculinity of the clothing’s style.

Sungjong’s salmon-and-striped airport outfit is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a very preppy look and I love how the brown boat shoes go with the pink shorts. Sungjong appears to have a preference for knee-length shorts because he wears them very often, like in the next two photos. In the center photo, Sungjong wears crisp white shorts and a silky pink shirt with a pair of black shades. A simple outfit but classy and the colors look great on him. The fit is fine, too, not too tight nor so baggy that it swallows him. Sungjong has a tiny figure by nature — his twenty-four-inch waist can attest to this — and so poorly fitted clothing could either bury him alive or cause him to look emaciated. Luckily, Sungjong smartly wears clothing that is a little loose but form-fitting, often more tight around his hips and waist to display his figure.

Sungjong is one of my top fashionistas in K-pop. His clean, preppy sense of style has endeared me and always causes him to stand out a little amid his other reasonably well-dressed band members.

Do you like Sungjong’s style? Who else has great style in K-pop?

(Images via E News, Newsen, Woollim Entertainment) 
Credit: http://seoulbeats.com