[NEWS] ‘Dr.Jin’ Kim Jaejoong reveals the difficulty in emotional acting – “Must show the sadness while smiling”

On the 5th, Kim Jaejoong revealed the secret of his emotional acting at the Dr.Jin press conference.

Kim Jaejoong disclosed the difficulties he had at the beginning of filming, “At the beginning of filming, the director told me to ‘show the sadness while trying to smile’.”

He shared his own know-how to overcome that difficulty, “I always keep in mind what the director said: ‘Try to vitalize your moist eyes in the future’.”

Kim Jaejoong plays Kim Kyungtak in Dr.Jin. He’s still a rookie actor but did wonders in expressing the anger and the sadness of his character and earns favorable reviews from the viewers.

He said, “Since the script-writer has built the character well, I think I can focus on it although I still lack many things. The viewers also show their understanding. I’m really thankful to the script-writer and the director.”

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Credit: asiatoday
Translated By: The_little_pear of JYJ3
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