[NEWS] Clover’s Gilme involved in minor car accident

Clover’s female vocalist Gilme has been involved in a car crash. While riding as a passenger in a car headed toward Hannam Bridge, Gilme’s car collided with the car in front.
According to the police, the singer’s driver was tailgating the car and speeding, which led to the accident.

Meanwhile, Gilme’s representative has said that the star was not harmed.
“The front bumper of the car has been damaged but it’s not a major accident. Gilme’s been to the hospital and she’s fine, but she will take the rest of the today off to recuperate,” said the star’s spokesperson before adding that she will resume her activities tomorrow.

The 29-year-old was also quick to respond to worried fans on Twitter by posting, “Thanks for your concerns … I wasn’t hurt much and I will be fine to carry on with my comeback.”
On July 13, Gilme will release her solo, “Me First.”

Source: JoongAng Daily