[NEWS] Choi Daniel to replace Kim Moo Yul

Actor Choi Daniel has replaced Kim Moo Yul, who has been asked to leave his role due to controversy, for the lead role in the movie “AM11:00.”

The announcement came on July 10, just hours ahead of the film’s good luck celebrations attended by cast and crew.

“Filming was to begin in less than a week; Kim Moo Yul’s dismissal was therefore a big deal as they needed someone to replace him as quickly as possible,” said a spokesperson from the movie.

Apparently, the movie people had a lot of convincing to do before Choi decided to get on board the project. Choi’s ties to the director Kim Hyun-seok are thought to be a crucial factor in the actor sealing the deal.

The two worked together on Cyrano Agency back in 2010 -- the film was a stepping stone into the spotlight for Choi.

AM11:00 is a sci-fi thriller about a situation that unfolds in the lives of researchers when a time machine malfunctions.

Source: JoongAng Daily