[NEWS] Cho PD to be hospitalized after car crash!

Artist Cho PD has complaints of pain after being involved in a car accident on the 7th, and is foreseen to inevitably be admitted to the hospital.

A representative explained to OSEN on the 9th that, "On the 7th, Cho PD dropped by Hapchun in Kyungsangnam province to show support for new girl group EvoL's music video shoot when he met an accident along the northbound lane of a central express way on his way back to Seoul." and that, "his waist, neck, shoulders, and back are in severe pain and immediate hospitalization might be needed."

Also, the representative said, "We are still unaware of the details regarding the accident, though there was a collision with another vehicle it was the Porsche Cho PD had been riding that was smashed. He has been busy preparing for the new girl group and thus couldn't be hospitalized right away, but it seems that hospitalization is inevitable."
On the other hand Cho PD is planning to debut his new girl group this coming August 9th.

Source: OSEN
Translated By: kroongho @ BLOCKBINTL