[NEWS] Cho PD confident on EvoL’s album, makes a refund promise

Cho PD has expressed great confidence in his newly-produced girl group, EvoL.

Having already released series of audio and video teasers, EvoL is receiving much interest from K-pop fans worldwide. The group will be releasing a regular album for their debut instead of a single or a mini album, which is quite rare as a rookie.

According to a representative from Stardom Entertainment, “We weren’t planning just for a new girl group’s debut, but we were planning to make a legend.” He added, “EvoL members fully participated in the album making, such as instrument playing, songwriting and choreography design.”

Cho PD expressed his confidence on his group saying that he would fully refund album buyers who do not find the album new and innovative. “Such a kind of group was never seen so far. If they don’t feel new to anyone, we will refund the full price to all buyers”, he said.

Source: StarN News