[NEWS] B1A4 Gongchan, took kidney removal surgery "to take pain relievers"!

B1A4 Group’s member, Gongchan took a kidney removal surgery on the 23rd.

Gongchan in charge “Gongchan was diagnosed by uretropelvic stenosis which make kidney couldn’t work properly at all so decided to take kidney removal surgery.” he said

B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment said that “When doing Jaljayo, Goodnight activities (promotional i guess) he complained to flank pain inherent, we knew that in the hospital he was diagnosed by bad precision of his kidney. However, after the end of music show activities, willingness to take the surgery which was postponed was stronger. Whenever gongchan feels the pain, he got pain medication during the activities, B1A4 members and fans thought that his face lately kinda not so bright fae and thought that he was sick. Also, the surgery (plan) was known in advance, fearing that fans would be worried if we informed about it before the surgery.” he said.

Currently during the recovery after surgery, and expected to take about one week to stabilize his condition.

After discharged (from hospital) for the time we knew that we should avoid from strenuous activities in daily activities.

In other hand, B1A4’s after finished the recording of “KBS JOY Hello Baby” from 25 July is going to show different thing through.

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