[NEWS] Actor Lee Tae Gon establishes own agency

Actor Lee Tae Gon has established an agency to represent himself and hopefully to recruit some newbies.

TG E&C was Lee Tae Gon’s idea after he decided to not renew his contract with a former agency; the 34-year-old actor will take the helm as the director and talent of his own company.

To date, the actor has orchestrated a press conference and collaborated with TV networks in Japan in a bid to carve a name for himself there as not only an actor, but a businessman.

“Lee wants to become an influential person who is able to help Korean actors when they make their debut in Japan and abroad,” said a spokesperson for TG E&C.

Currently, Lee Tae Gon is starring in the SBS show “Law of the Jungle,” as he contemplates his next move.

Source: JoongAng Daily