[NEWS] 4minute welcomes K-Pop hopefuls to participate in the second season of tvN K-Pop Star Hunt!

Singapore, 17th July 2012- Charismatic girl group 4minute has set foot on Singapore once more, and they took the fans by storm with their long awaited mall appearance as they were welcomed by roaring cheers from the fans that filled every possible level in Plaza Singapore last night. An estimated arrival of 3500 fans congested the mall to secure a good spot, with some arriving as early as 8 in the morning. The organizers tvN, CJ Entertainment & Media as well as CUBE Entertainment has invited 4minute to promote an ongoing talent seeking competition across Asia, also known as the renowned tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2, which is the season in continuation from the prevalent success of Season 1 . The invitation of 4minute to promote the event was definitely a wise decision, as many fans were hyped up by their inspirational advice and encouragement to the many hopefuls that desires an opportunity to be the next K-Pop idol!

The love for 4minute is apparent, as many fans came prepared with their personally crafted placards and banners, and one even drew caricatures of the members to express his love for the group through his artistic hands! However, before their appearance, DJ Ken from Radio 100.3 heated the atmosphere to maximum point by prepping the fans to welcome 4minute with the chorus of their catchy tune “Mirror Mirror”, followed by welcoming one of two finalists from the previous tvN K-Pop Star Hunt, Jasmine Tan, to come on stage and share her invaluable and resonant experience with regards to the time spent under the professional training from CUBE Entertainment last year.

Not forgetting the point of this talent-seeking event, DJ Ken proceeded to invite 3 fans on stage to compete in a dance-off of the popular song “Heart to Heart”. Three brave gentlemen ecstatically volunteered, and the dance-off brought lots of joy to the crowd, as well as uncovering a hidden talent which could dance to the song in perfect sync. Their efforts were rewarded with a tvN K-Pop Star Hunt poster, with the deserving winner walking away with the autographed rendition of the poster.

Next up,Park Chong Min,Executive Supervisor of CUBE was warmly welcomed by the fans as he walked into the venue, as he expressed positive views on the audition applications sent in by hopefuls from Singapore.

Next up,Park Chong Min,Executive Supervisor of CUBE was warmly welcomed by the fans as he walked into the venue, as he expressed positive views on the audition applications sent in by hopefuls from Singapore.

Contrary to their Baroque styled outfit they were dressed in during their concert on Sunday, they were dressed in very simple and colourful getups, with their personal traits enhancing the elegance of the overall impression, which gained unanimous approval from the crowd. They proceeded to greet the fans with their signature demeanour before sitting down for the Question and Answer Session hosted by DJ Ken.

Similarly to Mr. Park Chong Min, they shared their opinions on Singaporean contestants, mainly from the first season. When asked about food, Sohyun was seen to be extremely excited, and fans were in a treat as they saw the maknae (youngest) of the group accidentally displaying her aegyo (cuteness) with her eager response to Ken’s question. Unsurprisingly, the crowd felt that it was necessary to acknowledge her cuteness by shouting her name out loud.
4minute then shared some values that one must have in the process of evolving to be a star, and indicated that perseverance and hard-work is the essential mindset to success. They inspired the many hopefuls to participate in tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2, whereby the winner is entitled to professional training and grooming by the esteemed entertainment company they debuted from, CUBE Entertainment.

Six lucky winners that won through the mediums of tvN Asia, Starhub Entertainment and Radio 100.3 were also present to receive a premium goodie bag which mainly consisted of an autographed album as well as the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2 poster, alongside several other goodies. They also had the honour to take a photo with the girls themselves, and they were the envy of the entire crowd.

Roaring fans happily acting as the background for the successful mall appearance!

The event then came to a conclusion with a group photo taken with 4minute and the organizers, with the fans as the deserving background of the picture.
This mall appearance have definitely ignited the passion of many fans present yesterday, and if YOU wish to take a chance at stardom, don’t miss this extremely rare opportunity graced upon you by CUBE Entertainment, join the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2 right now! Full details of the audition are present at the bottom of the page.

tvN K-Pop Star Hunt 2 Official Website: www.tvnstarhunt2.com
FAQ: http://www.tvnstarhunt2.com/faq

Pre-audition Roadshow

Location: Plaza Singapura Main Atrium
Date: Saturday 28 July 2012
Time: 12pm-6pm*

*Professional equipment provided by organizers will be present for the Roadshow, and your audition will be recorded and submitted on the spot.

Participants may also upload their videos personally.
Registration deadline: Sunday, 26 August 2012
How: Upload your video and fill in your particulars @ http://www.tvnstarhu...m/starhuntentry

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