[NEWS] The “3 'S' codes” that lead Sistar's 'Loving U' to success!

Sistar's new song, 'Loving U' has been a hot issue these days. It's suprising to know that since last spring, the groups Sistar and 'Busker Busker' (nicknamed 'a record gangstar') have been on a feirce fight once again.

People need to pay more attention that there is a strong possibility that this conflict can make a crucial effect on the topographical map that the existing girl groups have created.

It's a known fact that Sistar started out with a weak support base compared to other girl groups such as: 'Girls Generation', 'Tiara', '2NE1', and 'Wonder girls' who now hold thick and strong fandoms.

Because of the fierce competition between the other girl groups, it's really difficult to move up a step without an influx. Not just from the solitary hit 'Alone', but with 'Loving U's continuing roll.

1. Simplicity
Rather than trying to experience new things this summer, it's been an advantage to use the existing laws of their continued success. They used very simple melodies, so everyone can sing along. Sistar's 'Loving U' has this.

'Loving U' has a cool and jumping feeling that can make people win over the hot summer. The song's very addictive with repeats of simple lines and melodies. Hearing it once can make you sing along easily.

2. Sexy
Sistar's members (Hyorin, Bora, Soyou, Dasom), are known as healthy girls which is one of their strong points that made many people vote them as "The Healthy Idol Girl Group". Moreover, the choreography from 'Loving U' has won over the male fans by changing the beauty of healthy to the beauty of sexiness. To top it all, their performance where they wore short pants and dancing using their hips and backs left the audience in awe.

3. Summer
The lyrics of 'Loving U' has a cute image, but the attire and the steps emphasize sexiness which do not complement the song's "cute" image. However, Sistar's sexy dance has won over the shame along with bad impressions and the reason is because it's SUMMER. People can relate, with the short pants and shocking sexy hip dance they naturally go hand in hand. Like SUMMER, the song has a jumpy feel and the choreography fits well giving off a cool image.

Sistar's 'Loving U' has shot up a successful flare to the summer hunt with these 3 codes. Comparing good images and hot issues from overseas as well as bad images in Korea from the Idol market before, people need to pay more attention that the success of 'Loving U' be the new milestone to our Idol market.
Translated by Doogu3 of Mightysistar.com
Edited by Bry and Boom
Source: Nate