[NEWS] 2PM’s Wooyoung to presents first stage of “Sexy Lady” at his showcase

2PM’s Wooyoung will be presenting his first stage for “Sexy Lady” on July 9th through his showcase.

The showcase, which will be held at Ilji Arthall at 8PM today, was planned with Wooyoung’s own opinion of wishing to present his first stage to his fans before he begins any activity. With the fans selected through MelOn event, he is planning to have a memorable time.

The showcase which will be going on for about an hour, is going to be composed with the stages of the songs including the title song “Sexy Lady” but not limited to other songs tracked in the album, as well as the undisclosed video clips that has stories of episodes which happened during the preparation for the album.

Especially for the hottest man for the summer Wooyoung’s showcase will be guided with the hostess Shin BoRa; the hottest comedian for the summer. Naturally the combination of the two for the witty talk is also gathering people’s interest.

Jang Wooyoung has said: “I always wished to present my stage first to the fans who always cheer and support for me and 2PM. I have prepared hard for this stage, so please come and enjoy the music and the show.”

Meanwhile, the stage activity for Wooyoung begins with the Mnet M Countdown on July 12th.

Source: JYP Entertainment