Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye at the “You’ve Fallen For Me” fanmeet

Fan Meeting of Korean Drama “You’ve Fallen For Me” starring CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye was held at Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

The event was conducted twice, Day event and Night Event, and the two main stars arrived for the event on this day. Both of them, maybe for the first time, have 2 shots in front of the fans, and the venue was full / packed.

The fan meeting started with music by Park Shin Hye impersonating Gyuwon. “Windflowers” band group on the drama also rushed from South Korea as supporting members also cheering Park Shin Hye. “Yes, try smiling” she said then they played 3 songs, showing her beautiful voice. While wrapped in hot air venue, Jung Yong Hwa followed by impersonating Lee Shin in Solo stage. He sang “Because I miss you” and instrumental track of “Father and Me” and the venue is in the full swing. Then the first stage performance has closed the curtain.

The MC emerged and started the talk show. The talk theme decided by using the dice in the corner. And the first talk corner is “What do you think is the best scene?” For Yong Hwa, his answer is “Battle with Gyuwon with true musical instrument”. “If you look at the broadcasting of the drama, I thought it was cool,” he said, and the venue rang with laughter from the audience. The next question is for Park Shin Hye, “The secret of Yong Hwa that I’m the only one who knows”, and the answer is “Be surprised even by small insects” while shooting drama and made it a NG episode.

The next is the fans choosing their favorite scene in the corner. It’s voted by about 5,000 fans, and ranked from number 3 to number 1, and got re-enacted. Park Shin Hye along with Jung Yong Hwa chosen 3 names from men and women to come onto the stage and re-enacted the scene which was voted. Because they re-enact the odd scenes while holding hands, it made the venue once again rang with laughter from the audience.

And after that, the lottery gift and the last is singing the drama theme song “You’ve fallen for me” together with the fans, and the second event attracted 10,000 fans and remains a total success.

In addition, AI Entertainment Inc. who organized this event announced that revenues of the fan meeting will be donated for Earthquake East in Japan.

Broadcasted by Fuji TV during weekly Monday night from (Monday) 9th July!

Source: asian-hana.com