[INTERVIEW] B1A4☆STYLE – Volume 5!

Vol.5 Sandeul is the happy virus who makes everyone entertained
―― This time it will be about Sandeul.
Baro: Hmm… Because it’s about Sandeul~ I need some time to thing. (laugh)
Sandeul: What are you saying~ Let’s start from CNU hyung then!

―― CNU, you’ve been personally called on by Sandeul.
CNU: …..
Everyone: (laugh)
Baro: What’s this~! I’ll start first!
Sandeul: Please talk about my strengths, Baro. (laugh)
Baro: What to do~ Strengths? Hmm…. (laugh)
Sandeul: Why are you thinking again? (laugh)

―― Instead of Sandeul’s strengths…
Sandeul: Wait up. That way it’s going to seem like I don’t have any strengths at all. (cries)
Everyone: (laugh)
Sandeul: So I’ll start with myself!
Baro: I was just kidding. (laugh) Leave it to me.
Sandeul: Please do it well this time!

―― So let’s start with Baro.
Baro: Sandeul’s strength is that he is very passionate towards singing.
Gongchan: Even though Sandeul hyung may always be bright and always shows us a smiling face… When he starts to concentrate on singing, it’s like a different person. He becomes serious and has a very wonderful expression.
Sandeul: Oh, I’m embarrassed. (smile)

―― So we’ll end off about Sandeul’s strengths here. (laugh)
Sandeul: Over so soon?!

―― It seems that there are many interesting stories regarding Sandeul. Let’s have the leader tell us.
Jinyoung: Sandeul’s life in its whole is like a sitcom situation comedy. (laugh)

―― Situation comedy?
Jinyoung: Sandeul’s reactions usually are very huge. For example, when you drop something you just pick it up right? But for Sandeul, he will pick it up with both hands and open his mouth widely to say “Ah, it dropped~”. (laugh)
Baro: (imitates him)
Everyone: (burst out in laughter)
Jinyoung: That reaction of his is as if it’s from a manhwa book. (laugh) There is another story as well.

―― Tell us about it!
Sandeul: Wait, what’s next?
Jinyoung: There has been an occasion where the doorknob to the toilet in our dorm was spoilt.
CNU: Ah~ That one~ (laugh)
Jinyoung: Despite it being made of metal, Sandeul spoilt it by turning it.
Sandeul: I didn’t even use much strength, but it spoilt! (bitter smile)
Gongchan: We got angry with Sandeul.
Sandeul: I didn’t destroy it, I was just turning it.
CNU: This is how Sandeul is like usually. laugh)
Jinyoung: It remained in that (broken) condition for a period of time. But someday when I went into the toilet, the doorknob was totally destroyed so it was hard to open the door. Since we don’t usually open the door, we just left it without a doorknob.
Sandeul: …..
Jinyoung: I was annoyed with Sandeul so I directed a “Sandeul, what is this~” to gripe at him. But he was lying on the bed staring blankly at his manhwa book. He wore glasses then, and when he looked up through the lenses his eyes looked really small. (laugh) That appearance of him was so cute that I thought “Oh well, we’ll be fine~”.

―― The anger just dissipated within moments.
Jinyoung: Yes. Sandeul’s life is really so interesting to the point that it is incomprehensible. (laugh)
CNU: His existence is like a “happy virus”, bringing entertainment to everyone with just being around him. (laugh)

Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com