[INTERVIEW] B1A4☆STYLE – Volume 4!

Vol.4 CNU is the reliable mother!
―― This episode will be about CNU. Previously, it was mentioned that you took on the role of the mother in B1A4.
Baro: CNU hyung is very meticulous and checks everything carefully. When we leave the dorm, he will ask if we’ve turned off the gas, switched off the light and turned off the water in the bathroom. He is always last to come out. Even when we are out for work, he always makes sure that none of the members are not around.

―― He seems like a teacher doing roll call. (laugh)
CNU: I protect the other 4 members from behind.
Baro: Sometimes I do think that he cares too much (laugh), but because CNU hyung checks everything well we can have our piece of mind. I’m always thankful.

―― CNU is so meticulous that he checks even the smallest things, is that right?
CNU: Yes. Even after becoming a part of B1A4 and living together, I felt that I have to be more aware of everything.

―― Just like a mother raising 4 children.
Gongchan: Since Jinyoung hyung is the father, there are only 3 children.

―― That’s right.
Gongchan: Occasionally Jinyoung hyung becomes a child though. (laugh)
Jinyoung: To be exact, there are times where I am reckless too. (laugh) I rely a lot on CNU.
Gongchan: Also, instead of thinking for himself first, CNU hyung always thinks for the other party.
Sandeul: Yes yes~ (Agrees)
Gongchan: For example, when there is something delicious, he will first offer it to the members and staffs before eating it himself.

―― Even if there is only 1 left, and it is something that you really like to eat?
CNU: (Immediately) Yes.

―― That means he is usually hungry?
CNU: (After thinking for some time) Yes.
Sandeul: Mummy~~~ (Sticking to CNU)
CNU: But I will also eat together with everyone after offering the food. (laugh)
Jinyoung: I think it’s amazing that CNU is always able to make calm and rational decisions. I’m jealous. It was previously mentioned I’m quite positively aggressive. If there is something I want, there is no way that even the members will be able to have. Eventually I will overdo it, and get tired. This positivity also has its disadvantages. (laugh) At times like those, CNU will make an accurate and rational decision to pull me back on track.

―― The mother (CNU) who naturally supports the reckless father (Jinyoung).
Jinyoung: CNU and I make a good balance, and work is usually carried out efficiently. He considers even the smallest details, so everything is carried out perfectly.

―― CNU gives people a remarkable sense of stability.
Sandeul: When I’m with CNU hyung, I can relax my mind.
Baro: That’s why there are times that we behave like spoilt children in front of him.
CNU: It’s because I’m the oldest in the group.

―― So is it alright if they continue to behave like spoilt children in the future?
CNU: Even if I said “Of course it’s alright~!”, they will all do according to what they want. There is nothing much that I’m not fine with if I don’t put too much thought into it.
Sandeul: Mummy~~~ (Sticking to CNU again)

Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com