ROUND 1: Where would you go on your first date?
CNU: A stroll date. When at the beginning stage of a relationship, it is the time where I want to get to know my girlfriend better! But there is also the possibility that I may get nervous when facing her so the talk may not turn out so well… In order to have a natural conversation, I will just walk leisurely. I like the idea of a stroll date. To watch the scenery while walking would be relaxing.
Sandeul: A bicycle date. The first thing that comes to mind is the scene of riding a couple bicycle that always comes out in movies. I want to go to a park, rent a couple bicycle and ride along the wind. I want to get to know more about my girlfriend through talking to her while riding the bicycle. After exercising, we would go eat something delicious. I want to make sure my girlfriend enjoys it till the end.
Jinyoung: A date while holding hands. We will start with holding hands while walking along a place with beautiful scenery. When we get hungry, I would bring her to a cafe instead of a restaurant, since there are many girls who are uncomfortable with showing the side of them eating on the first date. After having a light meal, we would come out of the shop and I would hold her hand again (laugh). When night falls, I will walk her home. Gentlemanly, right? (laugh)
Baro: A cafe date. We would go to a cafe or restaurant, and have a slow chat. I want to close the gap between our hearts by talking and understanding each other. I would lead in the talk, and create an easy atmosphere. Leave it to me♪ Lastly I will walk her home, and set a promise for our next date and go home! (laugh)
Gongchan: A movie date. Even though it may be very common, but I want to go and watch a movie! Movies are interesting and ladies like movies too… If the movie genre is something that both of us like, wouldn’t it be alright? And after watching it, we can recap and discuss about the nice scenes. That way, the gap between us will become smaller ♪
ROUND 2: It is your girlfriend’s birthday, where would you go for a date?
Gongchan: A romantic candle night. What I want to do is a surprise shocking date. I would set a date on her birthday pretending not to know about it, and bring the jealous her to a restaurant. And when we enter, instead of lights the shop will be lit by candles. In order to celebrate with just the two of us, I would have rented the shop. That’s the best romance right?
Sandeul: I will personally cook for her in a restaurant ♪ I want to do something special for her, so I will personally cook. And it will not be done at home but in a restaurant instead! Instead of the chef, I will show off my culinary skills and enjoy a romantic dinner just both of us alone. After the meal, I will sing a song for my girlfriend at a small stage near the restaurant. Lastly, I will secretly give her something that she wants as a present.
Baro: A surprise party at home! In Korea, it is a tradition to have seaweed soup so I would have it prepared at home while waiting for it. I would tell my girlfriend to first head to my house, and give her my keys. When she enters the room, she will see a table full of birthday dishes! I will then enter with a cake, and make her even more touched.
CNU: A trip to Chuncheon! I want to ride a train and go for a holiday with just the two of us. The recommended place is Chuncheon, about a two hour ride from Seoul. The scenery is pretty, and it is famous for its chicken dishes like dakgalbi. I hope to leave behind our daily lives and make memories that we will never forget forever.
Jinyoung: To be a voluntary worker at my girlfriend’s house for a day ♥ With the heart of wanting to grant all the wishes of my girlfriend on her birthday, I will go to my girlfriend’s house with an apron and a towel, and give her a “One Day Use of Jinyoung” coupon as a present. (laugh) Other than working in the house, I will make seaweed soup for her. If I worked hard enough, lastly we will go out and have a delicious dinner ♪
ROUND 3: It is the reconciliatory date after a fight, where would you go?
Baro: Pretending to be a mascot in an amusement park. How would that be? I will prepare a ticket to the amusement park, and have a friend of my girlfriend give it to her. I will wait for her in the amusement park wearing the mascot outfit. When she arrives, I’ll dance for her and make her laugh. Upon seeing her smiling faces, I will give her roses and remove the outfit. She will be touched at the look of me soaked with perspiration, and will definitely forgive me! (laugh)
Sandeul: To have skinship while watching a horror movie ♥ If I hug my girlfriend who is scared, wouldn’t she be happy? And when the movie ends, my surprise video letter will be shown, and I will apologize through it.
CNU: To release the anger at a baseball park. If she looks like she is still angry… I want to carry out the date at a baseball park. When watching baseball, you raise your voices and cheer the players on right? If we scream it all out at a place where many people are also being loud, wouldn’t all the oppressed frustations in the heart be released? (laugh) I feel that we will naturally become closer again after watching the game together.
Jinyoung: To take it out on me at a boxing gym! I will bring her to a boxing gym and tell her to hit me as she would. (laugh) I think in the midst of her, we will end up bursting out in laughter. At the end of it all, our relationship would have improved and I would want to tightly hug my girlfriend.
When we find out about your date plans, we also learn about your views towards dating.
Baro: Through this revelation, it was interesting to find out about each other’s views towards dating.
Jinyoung: Even so, don’t you think that mine are the best?
Members: Obviously it’s mine that is the best!!
Jinyoung: …I see. (laugh) I recommend the “One Day Use of Jinyoung Coupon”.
CNU: For me, it’ll be the baseball park date. I think that unexpectedly ladies do like baseball. It’s different from usual dates, so it’s really good right?
Sandeul: I recommend the bicycle date. It is really good when you want to communciate naturally.
Baro: As for me, it’ll be the reconciliatory date in the amusement park. I think that it is a fail-proof plan for reconciliation!!
Gongchan: I go for the candlelight dinner. I think it will be very touching.
Jinyoung: But of course, there are also plans that are a little more rash. (laugh) But Baro, for your plans of holding a party at home! Do you plan to do it in our dormitory?
Baro: Yes. I’m sorry, but I was thinking about making everyone stay out for the day. (laugh)
Sandeul: (immediately) No way!!!!!! I’m going to sleep on my bed!! (laugh)
CNU: I’m going to eat the food that Baro made too. (laugh)
Jinyoung: And for Sandeul’s plan of borrowing out a restaurant’s kitchen to cook. How do you exactly plan to do that~? (laugh)
Members: Ah that’s right, euhahahahaha~!
Baro: However as of right now, we’re right at the gate before our Japanese debut. So instead of dates, it’ll be our music promotions. The rap parts of our debut song Beautiful Target were made by me and CNU hyung. It’s a song that we worked hard to make sure that the fans could sing along (by searching the dictionary for vocabulary) and I am very confident about it.
Sandeul: The accompaniment song of Chu Chu Chu is also good. The song title is how we express our feelings of the song in Korean. Please listen to it with the feelings of a lover singing it to his other half.
Gongchan: Ready To Go is an original song sung in Japanese. The lyrics talk about having hope and working hard. I hope you listen to it with the thought of our Japanese activities.
CNU: Bling Girl is a song made by Jinyoung, and describes the dugeun dugeun feelings during a confession.
Jinyoung: We want to become a group that will receive the love from Japanese fans as we show you the music of B1A4.
All: We’ll work hard so please cheer for us!

Source: beautifulday.kr
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com