[INFO] 2NE1 in French Magazine, “KPOP LIFE”!

Among the most anticipated comeback in the summer, the one of the most popular group of kpop: 2NE1. Despite the postponement of their mini-album in mid-july, it gives us a nice gift from the Festival International of publicity in Cannes the 18th if July. We take the opportunity to offer a retrospective of their career.

2NE1, famous artist from YG Entertainment, in just 3 years of career to climb high in the charts and be known worldwide. Their charismatic and their talent attracted the biggest international stars and the biggest producer like Will I.AM. It’s only the beginning. Those girls are determine to conquer the world.

Beginning of an Explosive Career
The girls group 2NE1 is compose of CL (Leader), Bom, Minzy and Dara who start a career very remarkable with the boy group BIGBANG from the same record label, and together they sing Lollipop in Mars 2009. This song was produce by G-drangon leader of BIGBANG. The single was place high in the charts. Two months later the 1st single of the girls FIRE. This song was immediately a success and the group was presented as the most promising time. In July 2009 came out their 1st mimi-album which is experiencing a stunning success by traveling more than 50 000 copies on the 1st day. After that, the girls come out of the singles separately to show the extent of their talents, till the end of the year 2009. And it will be again a big success for the group. In more than 1 year of career, they received a number of prices like the Mnet Asian Music Awards and Melon Awards and are consider like the most popular kpop group.

The girls group came back in february 2010 with Try to follow me. This song was only intended for the publicity of the brand Samsung, but this song was class number 1 in Korean charts, which force YG to make a music video for the fans. In March, the girls received more than 4 prices in Cyworld Digital Music Award including the one for best beginner artists and best artists. In May, the group is spotted from the producer and singer Will.I.AM, which propose of producing their 1st international album. The album is still in preparation and to this date the album will be out at the end of 2012. We will wait until september 2010 for the release of their 1st album To Anyone to see the girls coming back on stage.
The year of 2011 made a milestone in the career of the group. YG Entertainment decided to do a new strategy to promote it. Before the released of their 2nd mini-album for the end of July 2011, the group will do promotion of every single and every months, to start with the solo single of Park Bom Don’t cry in April 2011. Each of their single will benefit of a particular promotion and unique in the kpop world like for Lonely, which the promotion was made outside the TV, or Hate You that the music video was realised by drawing animate from the artist Mari Kim. The particular promotion of this album allows to have the most success in this day. End of August 2011, the group occurs on stage for their 1st solo concert NOLZA and had an enormous success. The 9th november 2011 2NE1 received the MTV Iggy best new band in the world price.

A group popular as well in Japan by generated as much money as 2NE1 can’t get ignored by the biggest Japanese record label Avex Trax. In accordance with YG Entertainment, Avex launched the career of the group in Japan by released a 1st mini-album in september 2011. The album was named Nolza and have the same tunes from their second mini-album. After a single featuring M-flo at the end of january 2012, the group released a album end of March 2012 named collection. It contained all their most popular singles but in Japanese and an other unique single SCREAM which was used for the promotion of the album. Again a big success that proves that 2ne1 have a long career in front of them.

This year, 2NE1 came to speak about the Korean Wave in front of the press and delegate. It was in front of a large audience that they began to talked about of their history. The conference began with videos of Korea and meteoric global rise. After have praised the courage of Koreans in rickety, 2NE1 was interviewed on their career. As always 2NE1 made a go ambience. Minzy showed her dancing talent. She explained how their choreography of their music video was worked hard that fans can do reproduce them. They mentioned their past. CL- “One of our positive point is that we represent the diversity because we are all from everywhere. Dara is a big star in the Philippines, Minzy always lived in Korea and Bom have familly in America and I lived a long time in France”

The most amazing surprise of the conference is without doubt the kindness and sweetness conveyed by the members. Are they pretty? Yes. They were beautiful. They were dressed like in their music video. Did they dance and sing well? Of course. The performance that they offer was every energetic! but beyond all this there was their feeling benevolence, they talked about their fans with a lot of emotions. And by saying that their were touch by it everywhere the go. They wanted to waved to the fans that waited at the entrance of the festival. CL talked a perfect english and mentioned to see how women are needed. CL ” One day a women will change the world”. After represented Kpop and their career 2NE1 performed Can’t nobody on stage.

3 days to mobilize the fans of 2ne1 in Cannes. But we learn that impossible isn’t blackjacks. For the one who doesn’t know blackjack is the name for 2ne1 fans and a lots came. Around 300 people came in front of les marche du festival where they waited all day. Some fans came from Lyon, Paris and Bordeaux. Some fans arrived at 8 in the morning with posters… . The objective of the day was do to a flash mob with 2ne1 songs in their honor and waited the festival to start. YG Entertainment came with dedicated CD. At the end of the day 2ne1 should appear on the balcony but only Bom and Dara waved to the fans from their van.

Thank you to the parternariat of the event, YG Entertainment, Korean Tourism Office, cap Coree, K-fm and 2ne1 France

Translated by: @ukYGqueens