CN Blue unveiled details for upcoming single "Come On"!

Come On
Composed by Lee Jong Hyun, Lyrics written by Jung Yong Hwa.
Different from other songs we have released so far, this song express more elements of hard metal music.
In the lyrics, our passion and enthusiasm are expressed.
As the whole song, it is defined by hard guitar riff and vocal.
You will be able to imagine CNBLUE playing even heavier sounds.

Wake Up
Composed by Jung Yong Hwa, Lyrics written by Jung Yong Hwa.
This song has a lot of pleasant guitar riff and funky elements.
The lyrics are for and support people who don’t have their own “something” only to imitate after others.
If you find they might be yourself, you may be startled. In this song, drums, guitar and bass play fancy phrases respectively.

My Miracle
A Ballad composed by Lee Jong Hyun, lyrics written by Jung Yong Hwa.
Encounters with people is a fate.
Among them, encountering a loved one is even more fateful.
So, the feeling of wanting to hold that person without fail. This is what the lyric is about.
As if yearning and crying out for something, enchanting dual vocals harmonize well.

Translated by: BOICE Ketch + Nao