6,300 fans left T-ara's fancafe

After the news of T-ara member Hwayoung's contract termination, their concert is left in a crisis with the possibility of being canceled.

T-ara fans are turning their back against T-ara amongst the agency's official announcement. More than 6,300 fans have left T-ara's fancafe "Mystic" after the member withdrawal news.

T-ara's first solo concert in Korea "Jewelry Box" which will be held on August 11th at the Jamsil Gymnasium is also in a state of panic now.

Fans aren't able to hide their disappointment in the news about T-ara's Hwayoung, and have gone on to cancel their reservations for the concert. Originally, all seats were sold out but are quickly being canceled one by one.

On Twitter, a tweet with the image of a canceled ticket reservation is floating around rapidly saying, "Because of the wrong decision that CEO Kim Kwangsoo made, the group is no longer a 'crown/tiara' but a 'loner (someone who has been bullied').

T-ara's first solo concert in Korea since their debut three years ago is being held on August 11th. T-ara have completed their Japanese tour on the 25th and 26th in the Budokan arena.

T-ara's fans are raising their voices fast about their disappointment with T-ara's agency.

T/N: Mystic is NOT T-ara's official cafe. Mystic changed into an anti-T-ara cafe/pro-Hwayoung cafe and lost 6,000 members. fant-ara is the official one ran by CCM staff which has steadily gained a few members.

Source: http://reviewstar.ha...B_GSNO=10054230
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem